Taking “giving” to the doorstep of individuals, our workplace giving programme “iHELP” offers companies and their employees an easy and tax-effective way of giving to the cause and NGO of their choice through payroll.

The programme is centred on the two pillars of “money and many”. It encourages both company and employee involvement and compliments the company’s goal of supporting local community initiatives.

All the NGOs supported through the programme go through strict legal, fiscal and financial checks undertaken by our grant making team to ensure that the contributions given by the employees are utilised in an efficient and effective manner.

Annual updates are sent to the employees to help the employees stay in touch with the cause and NGO they are supporting.

Employee Benefit

Corporate Benefit

Once you sign-up for the programme, the process is easy to manage. Our experienced staff supports your employee and HR team through-out the iHELP journey. Each participating employee submits a donor instruction form to highlight their choice to their payroll department – this instruction can be changed whenever employees wish to do so.

The following 4 simple steps then take place every month:

iHELP programme is cost effective for both organisations as well employees. AHF programme fee is shown below:


AHF conducts annual due diligence of beneficiary NGO’s and the cost is INR 20000. Site visit cost is calcualted as per actuals


8-10% of total amount disbursed each month (employee contribution plus match)

Additional :

AHF performs revalidation every 3 year in order to protect compnay and employee investments.

Simple to run :

iHELP is easy to set up and mange employee giving programme. Our staff is here to support you through-out the process.

Cost – effective :

8-10% administration charge which is competitive in the market

Trustworthy :

We are handling over 50,000 donors supporting more than 180 charities across India

Flexible :

Allows employees to choose the cause and charity of their choice

Collaborative :

It’s a great way to involve staff in any corporate responsibility

Integrated :

iHELP can also be combined with other corporate community investment tools.

A Good news story :

Your donation through iHELP demonstrates your commitment to supporting the community both to staff and wider stakeholders.

An additional employment benefit :It gives staff an extra perk at very little cost to you. AHF has successfully engaged more than 48,000 employees in different projects