AHF’s corporate employee partnership model: iHELP

Workplace giving programme is a simple, easy, tax efficient and regular way of giving back to the community directly from pay.

  • Through this program we encourage giving back to society and inculcating the philanthropic gesture for both company and employees, which compliments the company’s and its individual’s goal of supporting local community initiatives.
  • AHF’s iHELP program is smooth to execute, making it an effective channel for organizations and its employees to adopt a giving model that maximizes its social responsibility in a cost effective way, a trustworthy approach that is flexible and benefits employees.
  • Our validation process is robust and creates a meaningful impact. The validation process team at AHFgo through legal, fiscal and financial checks undertaken by our grant making team to ensure that the contributions given by the company (in the ‘matched giving’ option) and its employees are utilised in an efficient and effective manner. Annual updates are sent to the employees to help the them stay in touch with the cause and NGOs they are supporting.
  • We have a diversified talent pool specializing in their respective fields to help create a meaningful giving model under this program. Our 360-degree approach includes marketing and communication, program implementation and monitoring & evaluation.

AHF's iHELP means

  • Once you come on board with AHF's iHELP program, the process is easy to manage.
  • Each participating employee just submits a donor instruction form to highlight their wishes to payroll department – this instruction can be changed whenever they wish. There are just 4 easy steps