CSR Governance

We help in developing effective CSR strategies aligned with the policy framework and facilitate to strengthen internal business practices for corporates.


Developing effective CSR strategy and policy is key to making the most of corporate responsibility initiatives of companies which promote strategic CSR.

The Companies Act 2013, requires companies to develop its CSR strategy and policy aligned with CSR Rules and Schedule VII of the Act.

With our expertise and experience, AHFis ideally positioned to design and develop CSR policy and strategy for companies to provide innovative solution- driven response to your CSR initiatives. We take into account, both, business and social factors to ensure that the strategy is fit for purpose and has the in-built flexibility to develop with the business and the changing social context.

We design CSR strategies that can support the companies’ overall strategic direction and resolve any challenges that may occur while implementing the CSR policy of the company.


We commit to facilitate and strengthen the process of ethical, responsible and sustainable business practices within the corporate sector.

We engage meaningfully with companies by co-creating and developing successful business practices and values as well as adopt two-pronged approach while working with corporates, which includes :

  • Customized CSR advisory support catering to their social investment needs while setting guidelines to help corporates strengthen their internal business practices and processes.
  • Development of strategy for supply chain management, imbibing values and strategic approach in the supply chain to attain sustainability.


We support companies to set up designated charitable foundation for strategic community initiatives. This includes creating a corporate foundation proposition and to set out why you want to create a change.

We provide the following services for establishing a foundation:

  • Advisory and conceptualizing preparatory work for establishing the Foundation – legal & statutory.
  • Help companies to create common vision, aim and thematic focus.
  • Develop the foundation strategy, define scope of foundation activities that gives a desired impact.
  • Set up governance & business management plan.
  • Hosting and hand-holding of the newly registered Foundation.

Develop strategy to determine how you intend to achieve your social mission.