Serve The Soul


It has been our constant endeavour to increase the flow of resources to the NGO sector. Driven by our commitment to make NGOs more successful, we have raised developed a unique platform for NGOs

In view of the rapid growth in the digital space and individuals donating frequently through online medium, it has become imperative for the NGO sector to mould itself in order to raise funds and keep the donor engaged. There is a strong need for a national platform across the country, that would simplify resource mobilization and fundraising from potential donors – individuals, corporate organizations and employees.

Realising this need, AHF has developed an online giving platform called ServingSouls, aimed at raising more resources for our validated NGO partners and making the process of giving more effective.

We are set to launch the Serving Souls platform on October 2017. What is even better is that we are offering an opportunity to our validated NGO partners to avail registration for free. This unique online giving tool will empower donors to choose – donate – manage – monitor their giving to the NGO sector. Please reach out to us for more details at

  • Helps generate additional funds for our validated NGO partners.
  • Enables direct and transparent engagement between donors and NGOs
  • Provides access to AHF’s fundraising campaigns
  • Provides exposure to niche audiences visiting the online platform
  • Allows NGOs to receive support from AHF to promote campaigns
  • Ensures high visibility for NGO partners who can present their organizational profile, viewable to potential donors

If you would like to be a part of this innovative platform, write to us at for any queries.