"Love to be part of this initiative . Thanks AHF for providing such a global platform for giving back to society."
Chandrakant Dave
"It’s Amazing to see world coming together in AHF and bringing synergies to change life every day. Proud to be part of team."
Jetun Patel
"The need to understand that we are a global family was never more as it is today. AHF is doing amazing work in bringing social sector, corporates and global community together and I feel encouraged to be part of this process."
Priyank Shah
"There is nothing more as a value than serving selflessly. While we all are busy solving our own issues, its feel good that we can impact others’ lives too. Thanks AHF!"
Jigar Modi
United States
  "If we really want to see change, we need to take some steps. Glad that AHF provides such platform where we can actually run for change. Excited to be part of AHF."
Arasu DT
"I feel fortunate to be part of AHF which brings so much value for society. While I stay busy always , when I look back and see where I added value, I find journey I travelled with AHF over last 1 year."
Jitesh Purohit