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Leader In Me
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Location:Various states in India
A unique project run by young leaders to define and build future of kids under shelter.
Raised: Rs 4,200,000
Goal: Rs 25,000,000

Duration: 2015 Onwards

Location: Various states  in India

Beneficiaries: 1 milion +

Two Line Description: A unique project run by young leaders to define and build future of kids under shelter.

Raised: 4200000

Goal: 25000000

According to UNICEF, India is home to the largest child population in the world, with 400m children that include an estimated 31m orphans, and nearly 176m of these are considered to be in need of care and protection. Children at risk in India, whether orphaned and otherwise, of ten end up in shelters, which are under resourced and often focused more on basic needs than either childcare or longer-term progression. The result is that both quality of life and adult outcomes for children in this demographic are very poor, leading to cycles of poverty and abandonment . Leader in Me exists to address these challenges on both a local and a systemic scale. Through our core programmes, Ed Support, Propel & Aftercare and Dream Camps, Leader In Me creates a support system and an emotional safe space for children in shelters by ensuring every child has at least 3 adults who care for them, understand them and who they can reach out to when they feel overwhelmed. They have access to them for a minimum of 2 hours a week from the age of 10. Our trained mentors spend time getting to know and developing an individual plan for each of their children.

Objective: Leader in Me mobilizes young leaders to enable equitable outcomes for children in shelters across India. Our mission is to improve quality of life and outcomes for children in shelters. Our minimum target is to ensure that these children are able to live a life free from exploitation and are capable of managing emotional and financial life crises

Project Impact:

  • Number of children provided with transition and life skills support: 254
  • Number of children supported in after school: 4500

Current Status: Project is under Proof of Concept state and seek mid and large scale studies to get government nod of approval.

Project Lead: Vikas R