AHF You & Our World

AHF , You & Our World

We have touched a millions lives already through our highly impactful projects, in partnership with companies. We have enjoyed the trust of our diverse partners – corporates, NGOs, individuals and government agencies, and remain committed to promoting the culture of ‘giving’ in India to achieve greater social impact.

Why YOU should work with us!

  • We are a transparent, accountable organisation with tremendous experience in managing CSR initiatives.
  • We offer end-to-end solutions for companies, ranging from conceptualisation, strategy development, project management, employee engagement, project monitoring to communication support / visibility and impact assessment.
  • We support businesses to achieve greater social impact by maximising the impact of their philanthropic investments.
  • We are uniquely positioned to create a platform to connect various stakeholders - NGOs, companies and the government, to work collectively towards a common goal.
  • We understand the needs of corporates and provide a wide range of innovative, customised products and services that they can choose from.
  • Our wide access to validated NGO partners across different locations and causes provides choices to deliver an impactful project.
  • Because we support all causes, we have strong experience across diverse thematic areas like education, health, skill building, disaster and sanitation.
  • Our expertise can complement your CSR initiatives, in turn minimising your company’s need for expanding its CSR team, and hence saving the company substantial cost.
  • We have a pan-India presence and operate through our NGO partners, who are chosen through stringent due diligence ensuring the safe flow of funds in a transparent and accountable manner.
  • We create and manage campaigns such which ensures widespread visibility of your projects through digital media and tie-ups with media partners.

A strong board of members at the helm of affairs along with a skilled management team provides a strong foundation for our work and creates a pool of expertise for effective implementation of projects.

Being part of a global network which is working to make giving more effective and charities more successful for more than 90 years now has helped us learn and apply the best practices in the social development sector, to local projects undertaken in the country.